Day 0: I Have An Idea (30 Day “Film School” Challenge)

Ft. Kochin, Kerala

I don’t know what I just got myself into… These are some words I’ve said many, many times over the last decade.

I think I started saying this when I joined the Bollywood Dance Club. Then when I backpacked to India. And, after that, when I’m pretty sure I accidentally joined a cult in Korea, too.

This time, it’s because I’m starting the “30 Day “Film School” “Challenge”” Okay, you’re probably wondering why this title looks ridiculous with so many quotation marks. It’s because it’s not even a real “challenge” and is more like a “class.”

But, how fun does that sound? I enrolled in a month-long film class I found online because I want to learn how to film better.

Noooo thanks. Sounds pretty dull. 30 Day “Film School” Challenge it is!


A favorite YouTuber of mine, Darious Britt, aka D4Darious, has a channel where he imparts his vast knowledge of film to would-be filmmakers.

A lot of his knowledge comes from film school and his own experience.

Every single one of his videos is priceless.

He educates and mentors his audience by keeping it short, direct, simple, and highly entertaining.

I’ve rewatched and taken notes on countless of his videos, I think they’re the best.

The Challenge

A few weeks ago, he uploaded How to Learn Filmmaking FAST! – Without Film School.

As usual, I checked it out. And, oh let me tell ya, it’s good.

In it, he breaks down filmmaking basics by offering a 30 day lesson plan, focused on teaching the foundations of film techniques.

The class (or shall we say, challenge?) is geared for a complete newbie, and will end with said newbie completing his/her first microfilm (microfilm: a film that is typically less than 5 minutes).

Oh, and, it’s free.


Now, I already shot my first short film a few months ago, and honestly, I hadn’t a real clue of what I was doing.

I faced a tremendous learning curve that cost my crew and I a lot of time.

Granted, we made the entire film from the ground up to export in 6 days, but a lot had to be sacrificed (uhh… subtitles, color-grading, sound mastering?!).

So, what’s the point of undergoing a challenge for a newbie when I already have some stripes on my SD card?!


It would be foolish to continue on, ignorant of the best practices and basics that any master needs, assuming I’ll just figure it out. I need this.

So why not start tomorrow?

Well, I have my own commitments (like, a job?). It’s not exactly easy to just commit to a huge 30 day challenge, right?

Except, it’s time for some maths… Look, there are 168 hours in a week. And 720 hours in a month.

You’re telling me I don’t have enough time to be able to do something like this?

Am I crazy for talking to myself?

Challenge Accepted!

Then, I’ll do it. Fine.

Here’s to Day 0, kid. This will be an interesting month.

Want To Do This, Too?

Some competition is always healthy and well, you see, I’m a kind person, so I took the liberty to write down each assignment in D4Darious’s lesson plan and put them in a spreadsheet.

You can have a look at it here if you’re curious or daring. Let me know what you think!


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