Day 1: What Was I Thinking? (30 Day “Film School” Challenge)

Today’s assignment:

-“Composition and framing” 
-Watch 3 videos, 2x each X
-Take 100 pictures X

Videos watched:

  1. Composition + Framing – Storytelling with Cinematography
    • Watched twice? YES
  2. Understanding Composition
    • Watched twice? NO!
  3. ………Um.
    • Listen. #2 was 30 minutes long, okay! Don’t you patronize me.

Pictures Taken

58! Not 100!

I’m really hoping you’re not the type to judge because a judge would be judging me so hard right now.

Silver Lining

And, I’m really glad I’m not paying to take this as a class. I wouldn’t want to know what my grade is – a teacher would probably be failing me.

Jet Lag

Adjusting overnight to meet the demands of today’s lessons was clearly not easy. It seems almost yesterday when I said…

Look, there are 168 hours in a week. And 720 hours in a month.

You’re telling me I don’t have enough time to be able to do something like this?

Oh, that was yesterday? About that.

This will take up a lot more time than I originally had expected. I really thought I could devote an hour, maybe two, per day, to accomplish each lesson.

It turns out, that film school ain’t a joke. I’ve got an insane amount of material to learn and I need to balance it out with my other many commitments and work going on right now.

I’m not sure I mentioned it but I’m also in the midst of moving right now. Moving typically is a joy, especially when you have a job to go to, so that your life solely consists of moving, job, and moving. Now, with my 30 Day Film School Challenge!, moving gets an even more special place in my heart.

Moving Forward (see what I did there?)

Since I’m behind on watching my videos and taking pictures, I’ll catch up tomorrow (no this is not your typical procrastinator’s paradox). After all, tomorrow’s assignment is only 50 photos. Thanks, D4Darious! Keeping the Day 2 load light. Coolest teach ever.

Below are some pictures I took for my framing assignment, trying to make the image aesthetically pleasing. Keep in mind these pictures are RAW and neutral so they may appear dull or colorless. That’s intended. We’re just focusing on framing and composition right now, folks!


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