Day 2: It’s Over 9000!! (30 Day “Film School” Challenge)

I took way more pictures today than I was supposed to. But, no, not 9000.

Today’s Assignment:

-“Composition and framing” 
-Catch up on videos and rewatches from Day 1 
-Take 42 pictures from Day 1 + 50 more pictures = 92 pictures 

Videos Watched:

  1. Composition + Framing – Storytelling with Cinematography
    • Watched twice? YES
  2. Understanding Composition
    • Watched twice? YES
  3. Filmmaking: Composition and Framing Tutorial
    • Watched twice? YES

Pictures Taken:



Ahhh… Not only did I cash up on the pictures and videos I missed out on yesterday, but I shot two different locations.

And, I shot a whopping 338 pitchas! Who’s da man? You da man. Me da man. We da man.

I don’t think that was way too many pictures. Practice makes perfect.

Moving on.

The first location was the same as yesterday – shot for 15 minutes, although I did get some better shots.

Next, my roommate took me downtown to go try out his gym. Traffic was pretty heavy and his car was a mess. So I only felt like I had one or two shots there.

He’s always wanted to be a hand model. Today’s just been a productive day, hasn’t it?

Once we got to the gym, I had some time to kill before my class was to start. I roamed around within a one block radius and shot the majority of my pics.

Granted, I felt a lot more comfortable and motivated taking pictures around this gym.

This would be because, according to Mike Browne (mentioned below), it’s a new place!

Of course, no one wants to take pictures of a place with things they’ve seen a million times.

But, it should be possible to find a decent pic anywhere one goes… Anywhere except my roommate’s messy car, that is.

Knowledge Is Power

I also had a bit of time to watch some extra videos and stumbled upon an amazing photography YouTuber, Mike Browne.

Not only are he and his wife very entertaining, but he gives excellent lessons on taking a proper shot.

What I especially like about him is that he takes the time to walk you through each shot he clicks, so you can understand what he’s thinking and doing to get the shot.

He even patiently tries a few different shots that aren’t quite “it,” a kind of trial and error, if you will. And, he gets so passionate about what he’s doing that I’m reminded of Steve Irwin.

Other Videos Watched:

  1. Photography Tips: Positioning & Framing a Composition
  2. Photography Tips: Composition can be practised anywhere
  3. Photography Tips: How to find photos when the location’s ‘boring’.


I realize I still have a lot to learn but I’m seeing a clear difference in yesterday’s and today’s pics. I’m finding that immensely motivating and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s going to be really exciting.

I’ll be learning about three point lighting and taking some shots around the apartment of a very special guest, who gladly volunteered to shoot with me.

Oh, I can’t wait, it’s going to be a blast.


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