Day 3: Light Is Spiritual (30 Day “Film School” Challenge)

Today I had some very special guests join me to help me get enlightened with today’s assignment. They were absolutely wonderful and I will mention them in my Oscar speech.

They were absolutely wonderful to have over and work with and I will mention them in my Oscar speech.

Today’s Assignment:

-“Three Point Lighting” 
-Watch 3 videos, 2x each X
-Take 50 pictures 

Videos Watched:

  1. Filmmaking 101 – Three Point Lighting Tutorial
    • Watched twice? NO
  2. How To Set Up 3-Point Lighting for Film, Video and Photography
    • Watched twice? NO
  3. Let’s Talk Film Lighting: The Basics
    • Watched twice? NO

Pictures Taken:


On Videos

I need to rewatch the videos. The red text above glares back at me into my soul and I feel very guilty.

Now… The concept of three point lighting was fairly straightforward but that doesn’t justify my gross negligence! My bad!

The concept was fairly straightforward but that doesn’t justify a rewatch getting sidelined. My bad!

My bad!


I made the most with what I had at home.

Two Walmart floor lamps and a tiny reading lamp I procured at a thrift shop years ago were what I used to light my scenes today!

I can see that adding lighting definitely makes a difference on how my photos turn out.

But, I do have a strong sense that my backlight was way too strong, my fill light not soft (or diffused) enough.

Therefore, now that I’m armed with this knowledge, I think I can do better in the future when I have a better lighting setup.


Friday, tomorrow, I will have the lovely opportunity to have some more light practice in my studio (aka my living room aka my kitchen aka my roommate’s other sleeping refuge area) by not only practicing more with three point lighting but… drumroll… window lighting!




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