Breaking News

An old, old friend showed me around her job today. She works for a news station as a meterologist and reporter and is quite accomplished and experienced.

Knowing that I wanted to learn more about what’s on the other side of the camera, she brought me in and gave me the full scoop of how they do things.

And let they do a lot.

The entire process is as streamlined and automated as possible:

Once a reporter gets his/her story, he/she edits it and submits it for feedback.

Once it fits the vision, it moves into a “show,” owned by a producer. The producer lines all the stories, segments, camera shots – everything – into a timeline. Say, a 30 minute timeline that makes the 5pm news.

Once all these details are fitted into the timeline, they essentially self-trigger.

The anchor starts the show for 60 seconds, then the system automatically (or manually via the director) triggers the first story to start.
The first story airs for 60 seconds, and the system automatically cuts back to the anchor.

Meanwhile, in the “control room,” the producer, director, and some teammates fine-tune the cameras as needed, and inform each person on camera how much time they have or other instructions. They basically quarterback the entire show.

It’s very fascinating to watch and impressive to see how well all the moving parts come together to broadcast a professional news show to the public.

I’m so grateful to my friend and the network for giving me the opportunity to be able to learn all this and ask some questions (more like a hundred questions)


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