Day 4: Continuation w/Light (30 Day “Film School” Challenge)

Ah, I know my thousands of viewers might be absolutely livid that I haven’t been posting about this challenge in over a week and that the paltry content I did post barely qualifies as acceptable. Rest easy, I’m resuming this challenge with full steam ahead.

Today’s Assignment:

-“Three Point Lighting” 
-Watch 3 videos, 2x each X
-Take 50 pictures, 20 w/window lighting 

Videos Watched:

  1. Filmmaking 101 – Three Point Lighting Tutorial
    • Watched twice? NO
  2. How To Set Up 3-Point Lighting for Film, Video and Photography
    • Watched twice? NO
  3. Let’s Talk Film Lighting: The Basics
    • Watched twice? NO

In all fairness, I read 5 additional articles and watched 1 or 2 more videos on this subject.

It’s pretty straightforward – additional information learned:

“Back Light” is also called “Rim Light” and sometimes incorrectly called “Kicker Light.” While the former two both seek to show light around the outline of a subject, the “Kicker Light” seeks to cast a shadow or add more dimension to the subject.

Also, there is the optional 4th part of 3 Point Lighting, where you may light the background. Other than that, I felt pretty confident and strong in these.

But, I will eventually force myself to rewatch these videos to make sure I get all of the details.

Pictures Taken:



It was a bit awkward taking some pictures with window light using a fill and back light…

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I was supposed to take window light only pictures or treat window light as my key light and supplement the other two points with fill and back…

Well, it’s done. And, I mean, the assignment is Three Point Lighting, so it makes more sense to practice these concepts.

My window shots were pretty cool besides the fact my subjects clearly had fuzzy dust on them. I tried to clean them but no luck!

Moving back to the classic Three Point Setup after that felt much better. I was entirely more comfortable utilizing this setup and got the right kind of shots with that beautiful rim around my subjects profile.

Until tomorrow!


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